God has called all of us to minister, in one capacity or the other. We’d love for you to jump in and minister with us! 

Prayer Ministry

Every Sunday, as Pastor Zack closes service, there are 3 different prayer & ministry teams available to pray for anyone!

  1. Prophetic.  Ministry team members gifted in hearing the voice of God, will pray and share with you want they hear God saying. We believe in a God who speaks!
  2. Healing. Ministry team members gifted in praying for healing will pray for anyone needing prayer for healing. We believe in a God who heals!
  3. General. Ministry team members are available to pray with you for anything you need prayer for. We aim to keep things confidential as we stand with you in prayer. We believe in a God who acts!

Worship Ministry

It is our desire to create a team of godly, selfless musicians who want to bless the people of our church by leading them in Christ centered, truth driven worship & contending for a move of God in this region.

Send us your name and e-mail and we’ll connect you with some more info!